13 Initiations ~ Apprenticeship Training

Your Spiritual Initiation ~ Supporting The Self-Discovery To Feeling Safe In Your Body & In The World

Awakening your spiritual gifts can be a journey of immense gratitude, self-discovery and uncertainty. When guided by Spiritual education is needed to develop a strong heart, healthy boundaries.  Learning how to trust your intuition and body should be an education every young child receives by the age of seven. Sadly, this is the age when most young girls and boys are told to mistrust their most powerful spiritual gift, trust in one's energy.

"Every woman should do this training. It is a time for women to rise and remember the truth of who we are, to step into our authentic selves and make the shifts that the earth is so desiring and asking of us. Now is the time!" ~ Sarah Christine

13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings ~ Apprenticeship Training For Women Healers

My goal and mission in opening up the Apprenticeship Training Program for you to be able to harness your own brilliant spiritual gifts along with being a powerful and grounded guide for others during and after your training.
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13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings ~ Apprenticeship Training For Women Healers

A Women's Spiritual Initiation ~ Supporting You To Feel Safe In Your Body & In The World

There is a time in your life when you know there is another level that you want to get to but you cannot do it alone. You desire the tools, understanding and wisdom to navigate the unknown. This is when you call upon another who has walked through the fire, gone deep into sacred work and lives it daily, courageously come out the other side to hold a space of great integrity for you to walk alongside with her. This spiritual yearning is felt within your heart, it is known by women all over the world. Women are born into this world seeking spiritual union.
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A Women's Spiritual Initiation ~ Supporting You To Feel Safe In Your Body & In The World

Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts With 13 Mystical Initiations

The time is ripe to go deeper into your Spiritual Self Mastery than you ever have before. You want to know how to harness your healing abilities and open up to new dimensions of awareness. You have been seeking a mentor to guide you, show you and hold your energy in a sacred safe space as you journey deep into your Spiritual Power. You desire to learn how to heal at the very core of the DNA, see into new dimensions, connect in multiple realms and hear your body's intelligence.
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Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts With 13 Mystical Initiations

13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings Apprenticeship Training

  • 1
    • Welcome To Your 13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings
    • Calendar March 21 - June 13 2022
  • 2
    • Your Spiritual Quest ~ The Power Of The 13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings
    • How To Embody Your Spiritual Gifts & Feel Safe In The World
  • 3
    Awakening Spiritual Gifts
    • Benefits of Opening Up & Living Your Spiritual Gifts, Feeling Empowered As a Woman
    • Awakening Your Heart By Healing Your Female Lineage
  • 4
    The Spiritual Initiations
    • What Is A Spiritual Initiation?
    • Foundations of an Apprenticeship ~ Sacred Ancient Ways & Integrity
  • 5
    13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings
    • Origins Of The 13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings ~ Women's Initiations + Apprenticeship
    • The Gateway
    • Grounding Your Energy
    • Managing Your Energy Field
    • Emotional Sensitivity
    • Mental Chaos
    • Entanglements
    • Stalking
    • Tracking
    • Bilocating
    • Heart Healing
    • Generational Healing®
    • Spiritual Boundaries
    • Your Initiation
  • 6
    Observations & Conclusion
    • Mystical Wisdom Today
    • Paying It Forward ~ Living The 13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings
    • Generational Healing® Certification

Have you secretly been asking for a mentor or spiritual guide to come along to show you how to open up and embrace your Spiritual Gifts in a healthy, loving & compassionate way?

Deborah Skye King, Founder of Generational Healing®

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need weekly to commit to this apprenticeship training?

  • How much time do I need weekly to commit to the apprenticeship training?

    Two hours a week is all that is needed to complete each wisdom teaching. This includes answering the questions accompanying the training to deepen your experience and integrate the initiation work.

  • I have no prior training in the topics you are discussing, or teaching. Will I be able to understand the mystical wisdom teachings?

    Yes. Deborah Skye speaks directly to each of the initiates during the apprenticeship training. She connects to your female lineage creating an opening to your spiritual gifts relieving the fears and shame from generations of women who have come before you. This guides and supports you on a deep cellular level to heal and recieve what you seek on a soul level.

  • What will I gain by doing this apprenticeship training?

    Peace of mind. Clarity and understanding of how energy has been working with you throughout your life. A renewed sense of purpose and passion for expressing yourself. Healing grief that you put aside a long time ago. Joy in your heart. Feeling grounded and safe, for many for the first time in decades. Intuitive abilities opening up, in a healthy way. Being able to sense and interpret energy like never before. Many more benefits as each mystical wisdom teachings has a powerful outcome that benefits each initiate.